Silver Oxide SR41W/392 1.5V batteries - 5/PK

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The Silver Oxide battery is a small, lightweight battery with an operating voltage of 1.5V and can operate in a wide temperature range. It has a wide range of applications. The Maxell Silver Oxide Coin in a Hologram Pack is the only packet approved for sale in the United States, Canada, and Latin America.

Cells are Made in Japan

Sold in pack of 5 units

0% Mercury

Hologram Package, ensures authenticity and its the only approved package for US, Canada and Latin America


  • Calculators
  • Film Cameras
  • Watches
  • Medical Instruments, Cash Registers
  • FA Instruments (Measuring Instruments, Onboard Microcomputers, Sensors)
Technical Specs:
  • 0.70g Weight
  • 7.9 mm diameter
  • 3.6 mm height
  • 1.55v nominal
  • Replaces 392
  • 45 mAh

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